Dominant role, what to try?

Have you ever wanted to prove who is the strongest? I know men and women are quite different in strength but it is also fun to play who is the strongest. Being in bed you can get on top of your partner and try to keep him down grabbing him by his wrists and using the strength of your legs and your body weight, try to avoid him to take over you. This means he may even take over you and hold you by your hands, but try, it is fun to play this way.

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If you really trust your partner ask him to tied you up, grab a couple of ropes or handcuffs and use the bed poles to make him restrain your movements. In that position he will get close to you and spreading your legs he will be able to use all his tricks on you. Don’t be ashamed of showing your toys, remove the dust from that dildo you have in your drawer place some batteries on it and invite it to the party. Give it to your partner and explain to him this is a tool for the game. If the dildo vibrates he can take some lubricant and use the vibration to stimulate several parts of your body. He can place it close to your nipples, the lub sensation and the vibration movement will arouse you in the greatest way.

I know for sure you may think it is a common point, but please remember there is the clitoris!, you can`t forget the clitoris because this little bean between the lower labia is EXTREMELY sensitive. Did you know the clitoris has twice the amount nerve endings than the penis? The difference is the clit is not that exposed. Even that what you can see when you open the labia, is a small bean, the nerve endings go really deep into the body and into the vagina.

Going back to this sexy proposal, when he has you completely restrained you are going to be under his will. He can use this toy to stimulate the clitoris. Have you got any idea how pleasant that is? What I would suggest is to consider the simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and the vagina. If you move the dildo from the clitoris to the vagina and use your fingers to softly stimulate the clit, I assure you, you will make her climax. Why do I suggest stimulating the clitoris softly at first? Because if you start too hard right away, you may produce the opposite sensation. Use some lubricant and soft movements to turn her on. If you’re looking for a highly skilled mistress London, Valerie August is simply the best.

As she is completely restrained, she will be there ready to take it all from you. You can do as you wish after you make her come; you can give her the best gift a multiple orgasm, get into her and please her with your cock.

This restraining technique can also work for men, would you try it out?

Have your boy sitting conformable in a chair, he must be comfortable but you must have his hands tied to the back of the chair. When you have him restrained, unbutton his shirt, leave his chest, his nipples and his abdomen uncovered. You can start stimulating his earlobes, if you didn’t know, this is a sensitive point. You can massage it, bite it, suck it, or try it all and make notice which stimulus makes him tremble. Go neck down covering the path and with kisses or even using a small ice cube, slid it on the way down. This cold sensation is pretty good. You can make circles around the nipples; want to torture him a little? Leave the ice a couple of seconds on the skin and then blow.

Keep going down, make this ice your friend and take it really low. Till you reach his waist and his lower abdomen. Like long nails? Scratch your nails all over his chest, pinch his nipples as you notice how he is getting aroused.

Remove his belt; grab his penis into your hands. Move your hand up and down. Stimulating him this way, will arouse him even more. Remember that little ice? put it into your mouth and blow some air over his dick. Grab some lubricant and pour it over, if it is flavored is better, you can use it to continue a nice hand job, or if it has a nice flavor give him a great blow job, you can stimulate him until he reaches climax and you can take all his pearled liquid on your mouth or if you prefer you can jump on him and give them the ride of his life.

I know these are soft examples of bondage and submission and for sure you may have heard of some harder ones, but the level you decide to apply is up to you. There are some who like and enjoy spanking, others like or enjoy choking when they are having sex, whether you prefer soft BSDM practices or the real hardcore ones, the dominant and submissive are there to enjoy themselves. You don’t have to take any extremes, what really matter is to live a sexual and responsible life.

I know there are different profiles, levels of practice, and you may even feel you are not naturally a dominant but why don’t you try it out? Plan a nice date with your partner, and take the dominant role, focus on the fact that you are the one in charge of pleasing your boy or girl. Get the tools or accessories that will help you with your mission. If you already know what does he or she likes use it. That date is for you to explore your partner body, to discover what turns him or her on. It is also for you to practice all your learned skills and talents, remember even this time is for you to do most of the job, don’t worry if you do it right for sure your partner will want to take the lead and do it all for you next time.